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There has never been as many restaurants in the Aarhus area as there is today. Something local diners make the most of. For those less familiar with Aarhus, the range of choice can be difficult to navigate. Restaurant Guide Aarhus is your compass.

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The number of restaurants in Aarhus, and Aarhus area, is around 250. We have chosen 75 of them because we believe it to be a suitable number for a guide such as this. They have all been selected according to their gastronomic standard, and their innovative approach to the restaurant industry.

It is a mix of gourmet restaurants in the exclusive end of the range, and exciting eateries in the innovative, and creative end. So, here are possibilities for all tastes, and at all price levels.

The guide is also published as a book, and can be ordered here for a small administration fee and postage.

Restaurant Guide Aarhus is a cooperation between Aarhus Update and Sputnik Design

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