Jægergårdsgade 54 · DK-8000 Aarhus C · Tel. +45 86 21 54 54

Juliette is in the charming Jægergårdsgade on Frederiksbjerg. A rustic, informal and cosy brasserie with French-inspired comfort food, mixed with a few international/ethnic inspirations. A small oasis with a yard garden.

The Food

The French cuisine offers good taste experiences whether you are into large, or small portions, or it is a quick bite to eat or a long-lasting stay. They serve breakfast on weekdays and brunch every day. For lunch, you can find Confit de Canard salad, charcuterie, poussin roti, steak frites and burgers, among others. In addition, there is a board menu with two to five courses of the day, and you can select a wine menu. There is something sweet with the coffee or desserts all day.

For the food, there is French wine, cider, bubbles or beer.

Price Range

The prices at Juliette are fair. Here, you get a lot of quality for your money. Lunch courses are in the price range of 105 kroner to 165 kroner. Evening courses begin at 150 kroner for a main course. The prices on the board menu are two courses for 255 kroner, and the five course is 470 kroner.

The Ambience

Juliette is an informal, rustic and cosy brasserie. It is a relaxed and leaned back atmosphere. In Summer, the brasserie has a cosy yard garden with garden furniture, hidden behind the brasserie. It emanates with French atmosphere and culture. You can dine al fresco in front of Juliette with a view to the life in Jægergårdsgade.