MIB Madmarked

Pakhuset – Mariane Thomsens Gade 1 · DK-8000 Aarhus C · Tel. +45 22 50 84 43

Nordic tapas and ”hygge”are keywords at MIB Madmarked, run by the entrepeneur Martin Ib. The business, the craft, and the high level of ambition has moved to Aarhus Ø. A branch is at Nordre Strandvej in Risskov.

The Food

They prioritize homemade bread, open sandwiches, tapas, pizza and delicatessen.
Long-fermented leaven bread is baked in a stone oven, the cakes are prepared with Danish butter and Belgian chocolate, the pizza has a paper-thin crust based on leaven, and behind it all is baking master Thomas Wulf.
For the Danish open sandwiches is used homemade whole meal rye bread, and MIB furthermore serves everyday classics like meatballs in curry sauce, stroganoff, and lasagne.

Price Range

Modest, considering the quality. Two fresh morning buns, a piece of Danish, and an apple cider is 35 kroner. One Danish open sandwich is 55 kroner, and a tapas arrangement with charcuterie, cheeses and garnish for two is 250 kroner. Meatballs in curry, gullasch, and stroganoff is 55 kroner each as takeaway. The signature dish of the house, fried porc sandwich with foccacia bun, is 85 kroner. MIB Madmarked serves organic wines and bubbles, beer from Krenkerup, organic soft drinks, coffee, tea.

The Ambience

As one of the pioneers at the new Aarhus Ø, MIB Madmarked has introduced the concept ”Vi spiser sammen” (We eat together); informal common dining on the first Wednesday of each month. The food is served at long tables and invites to common dining for a mere 85 kroner.